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Trouble-free For The Most
Demanding Environments

iQ hardware | When Guest Experience Matters

Specifically created for speed and reliability

Our STB-4000 set-top box and RC1/RC1-Plus infrared remote controls deliver trouble-free service in the most demanding environments

  • Smoother installation projects
  • Standard and advanced options
  • Streamlined HD delivery of entertainment
  • Suitable for any infrastructure

iQ hardware

HD-quality video and audio

Plugs directly into the TV, so your guests enjoy a seamless entertainment experience from all content options, including over-the-top.

Back-light and Motion Sensors

Available as an option in our RC1-Plus remote.

Secure, Dedicated PAN exclusively for Chromecast Over-The-Top Content

With a built in PAN that wipes credentials at checkout, your guests can access their content (including HD) without worry.

Quick and easy setup and maintenance
Automatic software updates and responsive status transmission help relieve the day to day time stresses of your staff, freeing them up to address other projects.

Innovate your guest experience.
One platform. Multiple solutions. Endless possibilities.

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