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What could you do if you
weren't worrying about WiFi?

iQ internet | When Guest Experience Matters

Deliver an internet experience that exceeds guest expectations.

Your biggest technology worry isn’t technology; it’s the burden of bandwidth and all that goes with it. Let us ease your concerns and help you deliver the best WiFi experience in the business — built on the iQx technology platform.
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Effortless login options
  • More revenue opportunities
  • Easy, reliable and secure

iQ internet

Dashboard and Reporting

Increase staff productivity and decrease costs by managing your properties' HSIA's bandwidth, authentication and networking quickly with one simple UI and dashboard.

Intertwine WiFi and Guest Loyalty

Loyalty integration and social account affiliation allows guests to log in using a social account or mobile app to earn rewards, in 14 different languages.

Create Distinct Offerings

Earn more revenue by enabling your guests to choose their level of service from bandwidth to download quota, including conference attendees.

Service Level Guarantees

Cloud management reduces risk and is always in compliance with identity, storage, and privacy rules. SLAs ensure confidence in our reliability.

Innovate your guest experience.
One platform. Multiple solutions. Endless possibilities.

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