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Engage Your Customers
Your Message. Their Device.

iQ mobile | When Guest Experience Matters

The key to their connected experience anywhere, anytime.

Over 60% of travelers bring multiple devices. *

  • Authentic Engagement
  • Stress Less Environment
  • More Productive Staff
  • Information At Their Fingertips
Device Agnostic

Guests can use any device they travel with, if its app-enabled.

Use As A Remote

Use of their own device to control the TV and environment means less worries for the weary traveler.

Inquiries & Information

Guest mobile digestion of information frees up staff to then provide personalized service.

Mobile Interface Reflects TV Menu & Information

Serve up information on your off and on-site amenities through the mobile app.

We understand guest experience matters to you.
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*Retrieved from: Emerging Trends Impacting the Future of Hospitality Guest Experience – 4Q 2014

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