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In-Room Entertainment

We offer a wide range of in room entertainment solutions suitable for any size room in any size hotel. As well as partnering with leading manufacturers in the television industry, our own on screen software not only offers your guests a better than home experience, but also provides opportunities for increased ROI for your property.

A variety of hotel branded guest communication, information and content platforms, designed specifically for hospitality. Let your guests flick through an interactive programme guide to find all their favourites from home in multiple languages via an easy to use interface, whilst accessing all up to date information from the hotel.

SmartSolutionsIntegrating a hospitality optimised interface on to a Smart TV creates ease of navigation for your guests whilst accessing information about your hotel. This in turn allows you to promote areas that will increase revenue such as the spa or restaurant, all via a HD ready, in room TV.

At Quadriga, we believe that a premium service requires premium products, which is why we are proud to partner with market leaders when installing hospitality TV systems. As well as being household names in the technology world, our partners offer upcoming products that highlight the endless possibilities in regards to the future of in room entertainment.

We offer our clients an extensive choice of information and entertainment content which is critical for their guests’ satisfaction. In combination with promotional tools we can ensure that this content can generate additional revenue for our clients.

FullyBrandedUIOur in house design team will encapsulate all your brand guidelines and style to ensure your name is being seen and remembered on every form of technology. TV menu structures can be customised with logos, colour palettes and imagery to showcase your luxury status in room.


We have the skills and experience to create truly universal Wi-Fi networking solutions, which will allow any place internet access across customer properties, satisfying today and tomorrow’s tech savvy guest demands at any time.

Quadriga can offer a fully customisable gateway service to authenticate and manage guest Internet services across multiple locations. Your guests expect fast, easy and seamless internet connectivity throughout your property with a great, free Wi-Fi experience. Overcome increasingly complex internet and network challenges with solutions that are cost-effective and commercially viable for your staff, as well as your guests via roaming partner and loyalty programme integration.

ConferenceQConnect Conference seamlessly integrates the Ruckus infrastructure and power of QConnect Manager to create a cost effective conference management tool that lets administrators arrange conferences with ease.

DashboardThe QConnect Dashboard gives operational managers a real time view of key guest internet operating metrics in their property – from wherever they are.

CoCo is a cost-efficient solution that converts an existing Coaxial TV network into IP to deliver carrier-grade broadband speeds into each room. For the majority of hotels with a coax network, this enables guests to enjoy high-speed WiFi and new Smart TV functionality, with no need to re-cable.

Digital Signage

You can’t predict your guest, but you can be ready for them….

Deliver targeted information based on location, audience and business goals. Empower busy guests to efficiently navigate throughout the hotel and provide guests with attention-grabbing messaging about companywide, on-site or local promotions.

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